Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I LUV New York

On Saturday night I heard the premiere of Jorge Martin's "Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking," a cantata set to the Walt Whitman poem. This piece -- performed by Cantori New York with soprano, and seven-piece chamber ensemble -- was deeply moving and evocative. Rather than hop into a cab afterwards, we wanted to walk home and keep the music in our heads for as long as possible -- just as Whitman himself used to night-walk the streets of Manhattan.

After a champagne reception and a hugs for the excellent composer, Jorge -- we made our way into the night. A dreamy gibbous moon presided over the city. We three -- Gary, Joyce and I --strolled down the street, arm-in-arm-in-arm. For the first time in months, one could feel a warm breeze on the skin. New Yorkers were out after midnight, moving in stroll-motion, walking their dogs, chatting with neighbors. Andante. Wow, this is what winter doesn't feel like! No need to rush home to defrost. Andante.

We loosened our scarves, unbuttoned our coats and meandered down Park Avenue. At 1 a.m. a golden retriever adopted us. Wagging tail, wet nose, smiling -- the dog has three new fans. Affection ensues. We worried that the dog might be lost, until the owner appeared from around the corner, in stroll-motion. "His name is Cayenne," he says, gesturing at the dog.

And so, while Cayenne's owner told us about his 13-year-old pup, we modulated from eastern standard to daylight savings time. 1:59 a.m. became 3 a.m. -- under the dream-moon, on a warm Manhattan night, after a cantata and champagne, among friends and a golden dog. I can think of no better way to lose an hour's sleep.

I know, I know . . . what does this have to do with stitching the Gettysburg Address on linen? Everything. Art inspires art and informs every thread of our lives.

Who needs to sleep, when you can dream?

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