Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"I never had a policy.  I have just tried to do my best each and every day."
~Abraham Lincoln

As I write Christmas cards and reflect back on the year, I see angels. People who help you solve problems, go the extra mile and take time from their busy schedules to lend an ear.  Tawny and Don Korty, the owners of Where Victoria's Angels Stitch (a needlework shop), are such people. The Abraham Lincoln quote applies to them -- they do their best each and every day.

Shortly after I finished stitching "272 Words" in July, I took the sampler to Don and Tawny's shop for framing. They immediately mobilized into full gear. Don presented a number of frame choices for me to choose from, and this one jumped out. It looks very 19th century-ish. Don suggested this simple, but substantial frame from a huge collection of samples -- too extensive for me to look at without becoming dizzy. The top photo shows the carved detail. I love it! Thank you Don and Tawny for being my angels.  Your shop is aptly named. (Here they are in their beautiful shop.)

Where Victoria's Angels Stitch is located in Clifton, N.J. -- a short bus ride from Port Authority Terminal in Manhattan.  The bus stops in front of their store -- so convenient for NYC visitors and us car-less New Yorkers!  I call it New York City's local needlework shop because, though in New Jersey, it often takes less time for me to get to Clifton than to my friend's house in Brooklyn.

And here are the Rockefeller Center angels . . . on a recent night before the first snow.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.


  1. A gorgeous design and Don & Tawny are the best. He did a marvelous job on the frame! Merry Christmas....Nancy