Monday, December 27, 2010

"Everybody likes a compliment." ~Abraham Lincoln

So true, Mr. President. So true. Compliments reveal themselves in various ways.

When we create something -- be it a meal, a painting, an article of clothing -- we are gratified to see our work become a moment, however fleeting, in someone else's life.

And so, I was thrilled to hear from Faye of North Carolina, who stitched an ornament I designed for the 2010 Just CrossStitch Ornament Edition -- "Windows of Faith, Hope and Peace." Faye stitched the ornament a few times, changed the colors and framed it to create a new effect. I am so moved by the loving care put into each stitch.

Faye gave me permission to post this photo from her remarkable blog, Carolina Stitcher. She has an exquisite way with the needle and thread; you'll see many of your favorite designers (Little House Needleworks, Lizzie Kate, Rosewood Manor, etc.) there, among the charming stories.

Thank you, Faye, for sharing your passion for stitching.

And thank you all -- Dear Readers -- for visiting throughout the year and sharing your stitching stories through your own windows of faith, hope and peace.

May 2011 bring blessings to you and your families.


  1. I saw these on Faye's blog. She is such a talented stitcher and finisher. I enjoy looking at her work.
    Also, I will start "272 Words" in January as part of my challenge for the year.
    Thanks for making this pattern available for purchase.
    Hope you have a blessed New Year.

  2. It is a wonderful design. Thank you for contributing to the ornament issue.

  3. Thanks again for the beautiful design Liz~~~ I loved stitching this design and the ladies that got them as gifts just cried.... When I told them a talented designer in NYC designed them, that made them even more special~~

    Take good care and I look forward to more of your wonderful work.....Always, Faye

  4. I just wanted to say thank you very, very much for this pattern. It's truly wonderful and I can hardly wait to stitch it.

  5. Dear Jackie, Chris, Faye and Ruth:

    This is the best part of stitching -- meeting friends from across the miles who share a passion for stitching. Lincoln's words continue to inspire. It was a pleasure to stitch the "Address" and I look forward to seeing your interpretations. Warm hugs and thank you for visiting,