Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"We're not retreating, just advancing in the opposite direction" ~Author Unknown

Wow, two color changes in two days! This lettering (stitched with Gentle Art's Chive) is executed in classic schoolgirl sampler-type capital lettering. It's part of the "ADDRESS AT GETTYSBURG, PENNSLYVANIA" portion of the sampler.

Green is an eerily appropriate color introduction. Last night I spent a lot of time FROGGING, hence the quote above. I misjudged the amount of space needed to separate the green lettering from brown block of letters (the Gettysburg Address text). "Breathing space" is essential between the dense text lettering and the "informational" lettering below -- otherwise, it'll look too squished together.

That's the downside of designing-while-you-stitch. I never know if something is right until the floss is stitched onto the linen. I guess frogging is like advancing in the opposite direction. We have to take things apart, make corrections, and build on a stronger foundation. (But it's SOOOO frustrating sometimes!)

I loved The Greatest Game Every Played -- thanks for the recommendation, John! The film is about golf, but much, much more. I'm not a golfer, and I was enthralled throughout. Keep hankies on hand . . . the end is a stunner.

Tonight's film is As Good As It Gets with Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear. I've seen it a few times, and it's still a favorite. Great scenes of New York City and Brooklyn. But the scene stealer is Verdel, the dog. What a cutie!

A good Tuesday eve to all!


  1. Wonderful new font! Very evocative of the time in which the address was written and given. Rather like bunting, which I always find takes me back in time.

  2. Oh Liz I am anxiously awaiting the big 'reveal', you are making great progress! I know what you mean about design-as-you-stitch,I'm kind of doing that with my neighborhood piece and sometimes you have to backtrack. I am putting the Lincoln book you mentioned on your sidebar on my list. I was shopping last weekn and there are so many Lincoln biographies to choose from that I ended up getting "American Lion" instead. It's about Andrew Jackson and looks interesting. Good luck making your goal by the 4th!

  3. Lili, thanks for the reminder. I'm looking at bunting motifs for the border. Bunting is so Presidential-looking . . .

    Jeanne, you said the magic word -- backtrack. I do so much of that, sometimes I don't know whether I'm coming or going. David Herbert Donald's "Lincoln" is superb. I appreciate the heads-up on "American Lion." Thanks for checking in!

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