Monday, June 22, 2009

"Better to remain silent and thought a fool,
than to speak out and remove all doubt"
~Abraham Lincoln

Mr. President, I came across your advice a tad too late. I've removed all such doubt on at least one or two or, er . . . 10,000 occasions. But no more than that!

Today marks a dramatic new shift in stitching . . . . . . a color change! It's barely noticeable in the photo above, but see the dotted line? That's Gentle Art's Cinnamon, the first color change since the inaugural stitch in February. Until now it's been Gentle Art Nutmeg all the way.

The dotted line marks the beginning of the inner rectangular border that delineates the perimeter of the Gettysburg Address text. After experimenting with a solid row of stitching (too severe-looking) and an uninterrupted line of backstitching (too puny), a dotted line --the simplest cross stitch technique -- was just right. Eureka. The dotted line looks snazzier than a solid line, sort of like a little Broadway marquee. More color changes to come this week, thank goodness. I've been feeling like a Janie One-Note since February!

Becoming Jane
was fantastic, and a perfect accompaniment to this weekend's stitching marathon. Tonight, at John's suggestion (my friend from Vernon), I'll watch The Greatest Game Ever Played and tackle the SE quadrant of the sampler. Lots more work to come, including a constellation of stars.

Have a good Monday ~


  1. So, three more words and an attribution to go, yes? The piece looks just beautiful! You must be very relieved to have completed most of the 272 words.

    I also enjoyed Becoming Jane, although it doesn't hold a candle to anything Austen herself wrote. I'm thinking of having myself a little Jane Austen festival, started with Sense and Sensibility, which I haven't seen in years. Care to join me?

  2. Whether this is finished by July 4 or not, it will be beautiful and something for you to be extrememly proud of!

  3. Lili, I'll have to hold off on the Jane Austen -- I watched a set just recently. I imagine I'll wait a couple of years before delving in again. Enjoy.

    The sampler is extremely unfinished, and not being a linear thinker, I have to re-stitch and re-configure a good amount of the text. The photos are deceiving! :)

    Sherry, thanks for your support. I'll give it the old college try!

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