Saturday, June 20, 2009

"The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here . . .
" ~Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address

When I stitched this portion of the Gettysburg Address, I chuckled to myself, thinking . . . well, even the smartest people are occasionally wrong. I wonder whether Lincoln ever expected that his 272-word address -- which he delivered in under three minutes -- would be one of the most-quoted speeches in U.S. history.

I'm counting the days to completion now -- only 14 days until July 4th and I'm downright scared! There's so much to do . . . tonight I must do a marathon mega-stitch blowout while watching Becoming Jane with Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen. James McAvoy (of Atonement fame) is also in the film and he's gorgeous. Eye candy helps with the creative process, I think.

Thank you all for following this project, which started in the icy month of February. Truth be told, I've spent a whole lot of time stitching, and not much time blogging. When the sampler is finished, I'll have more time to go into finer details. I look forward to writing more while the piece is being framed in July.

Today I introduce four new members of the cast, from The Gentle Art. The colors (from right to left in the photo) are: Freedom, Chives, Mulberry, Nutmeg (already introduced) and Cinnamon.

"Freedom" is a perfect blue for Lincoln's name at the bottom of the sampler. It's masculine-looking, but muted. Honestly, I didn't choose this blue color because it's called "Freedom" -- that's merely the universe doing its magic!

I will use "Mulberry" for star motifs, "Chives" for lettering re Gettysburg (the green reminds me of the beautiful Pennsylvania landscape). "Cinnamon" is a darker brown for backstitching or border work (I haven't decided yet).

Okay, I'm off to start stitching for the day . . . thank you all, for staying with me throughout this process. I love seeing your friendly faces in the "Followers" box -- you are my Windows of Hope.

Hugs to you all, and Happy Father's Day tomorrow. My father passed a few years ago, but I think of him every day. In my mind's eye, I see his kind face and I smile.


  1. I agree on the eye candy! lol! I like James McAvoy. Becoming Jane Austen is a good movie IMO. I can't wait to see your finish -- been following you for a couple of months now.

  2. Becoming Jane is on Netflix instant watching, therefore I shall go above and beyond the call of blog reader duty and watch along with you. I don't know about James McAvoy, or the plot. To me it's costume and set candy. Right then: ready, set, play . . .

  3. Margaret, thanks for following! I plan to post pictures of the finish on July 4th, pre-framing. It'll take a good while to get the piece framed, and so more pics will follow later in the summer.

    Lili, lol! I am ready to watch Becoming Jane. It's a very rainy night here -- perfect for settling in with a good film. Let the enjoyment begin . . .